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“BIBI” Continues to Create a Buzz - Hollywood Scout Report


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“BIBI” Continues to Create a Buzz

Christopher Beatty's "BIBI" is the definition of good writing, directing and acting which explains its success in the film festival circuit.

Psychological thriller and indie short film “Bibi” continues to create a buzz throughout the film festival circuit around the country. 
The captivating film stars Elizabeth Paige, Judith Ann DiMinni, Tammy Blanchard, Rick Zahn and was written and directed by Christopher Beatty.  
The film centers around Vivian Ashwood (Elizabeth Paige) a grieving woman experiencing mental anguish and emotional demons due to a tragic loss. As the film progresses, we are thrown into her characters distorted and disillusioned mind in her vast estate.


Logan Hunter and Chritopher Beatty speaking with
Poupy Nguetsop at the “Dances with Films” Premier
in Los Angeles.

Beatty’s writing and directing along with Paige’s exceptional acting has a way of adding an element of suspense as the audience embarks on an emotional roller coaster.


The thriller revolves around an “accident” which is one source of Paige’s mental decline, but the details of the accident are not revealed.  



Judith Ann DiMinni’s performance as Bibi and daughter of Vivian was also a highlight of the film. She broke down her role at the Los Angeles red-carpet premier during the Dances with Films festival at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. 

“ I play Bibi and one of the cool things about playing Bibi is she has two different sides. She has her emotional, more real, raw side and she has a scheming, mechanical side, developing those two and then blending them together to make one character was so much fun and awesome, DiMinni told HSR.

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Beatty’s Hitchcock style and his approach of touching on trauma and mental health while keeping the audience engaged though the intense plot is impressive. The theme does not overshadow the story and vice versa. The Cinematography and pace of the film keeps the audience on a roller coaster ride while wrapping up the conclusion and storyline effectively. 
To make a character’s mindset come to life on screen can be a tedious task for the best of directors, but Beatty manages to make it look effortless and smooth. 



“Chris really took the reins on doing the re-writes into the magnificent piece as it is, and really took charge, fell in love with this project, and said I got to do this is a really specific way and it has to be this vision.” Producer Logan Hunter told HSR at the L.A. premier. 


Judith Ann DiMinni Speaks more on her role as BiBi.

Although the film at times can be uncomfortable and has elements of shock value, the direction, narrative, and great storytelling through superb acting make for a suspenseful ride that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. The message and theme of the mental effects of trauma from parental abuse does not get lost, which often happens when you have a message tucked into this type of film.  
“Bibi” is an exceptional film that sheds light on mental health while also taking the audience on a wild ride.