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SteveB and Never2Late Release “Love is Wise”

/ 04 Apr 24

SteveB and Never2Late Release “Love is Wise”

Yorkshire, UK guitarist and songwriter SteveB of the Blues and Rock band Never2Late proves just that: it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. As a successful orthopedic surgeon in England, he’d harbored a love of music since his childhood. After a trip with his wife to Glastonbury Festival, he came home with a renewed […]

/ 30 Mar 24

SINES: A Pop Duo Perform Together Across the Ocean

  Singer/Songwriter Kitty Richardson is based in England while producer and composer Jason Wann lives and works in Portland, Oregon. This doesn’t stop the duo from performing together though as the Synth Pop Duo known as SINES.     In fact, they have never even met. And they’ve just released their album titled “Gravity” in […]

/ 29 Mar 24

Millennium Resorts Release New Album

  Musical duo Millennium Resorts is comprised of Austin-based artists Scott Raulie and Jonathan Richerson. Together their music is something that blurs the lines of many different genres. In January they released their latest album titled “In the Key of David.”   Their first single off the album, “Happiness” was already introduced; and to great […]

/ 15 Mar 24

Indie Rock Band and Siblings superWAV Release “aTYPICAL”

The alternative rock band superWAV is comprised of the talented brother-sister pairing of Anne and Volker Wichmann. Both are phenomenally talented in their own right, but together they deliver some solid sounds.   Their collective compilations are created with an ocean diving them in fact, something that doesn’t phase the german-born duo. With Anne in […]

/ 14 Mar 24

Artist, 1011 Speaks About Mixing His Art Forms for His Epic New Project

  Producer, musician, and visual artist 1011 is on another creative level when it comes to combining his talents. The innovator successfully fused his music production, visual art, and programming to create his new immersive video game.   His creative vision clearly comes to life in his latest project “Ancestral Harvest”, an adventure game and […]

/ 18 Dec 23

Oscar Qualifying Short: “Nisei”

  It is well known during world two, America was guilty of horrendous acts such as the displacement of Japanese Americans and placing them in Intermittent Camps.       Writer and director Darren Haruo Rae not only sheds new light on the oppression of the Japanese culture during that time period. Rae also delivers […]

/ 07 Dec 23

Exclusive Interview With Marilyn Cooke

  Writer and Director Marilyn Cooke is one of the most in demand indie directors based in Montreal.   Her witty, dark drama ‘” No Ghost in the Morgue” was considered for Best Action Short at last year’s 95th Oscars and she shows no sign of slowing down.   Marilyn has perfected the art of […]

/ 05 Dec 23

The Sounds of Seattle

  Seattle may have been known as the place for grunge during the 90s, but as a city known for transformation, it has more musically to offer the west coast and the world than many give it credit for. We get a few quotes from a few bands in the area on where to go […]

/ 05 Dec 23

Producer Emma M. Cooke and Director Morgan Saelens Elaborate on “Creating Something That Resonates”

Producer Emma Cooke and Director Morgan Saelens bring their talents together in the Canadian film “There are Bees in the House, ” an intense psychological thriller that tackles heavy subjects like trauma and mental health.   Both Cooke and Saelens were committed to create something that would resonate with a larger audience and touch on […]

/ 04 Dec 23

Who Is Fin Peach?

      HSR Exclusive Video           For 18, you have a really extensive catalog, how would you describe your work ethic and is there a certain process that goes into your music?     I think the process is like almost having no process. A lot of the time, my […]