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Featured Post

/ 29 Mar 24

Millennium Resorts Release New Album

  Musical duo Millennium Resorts is comprised of Austin-based artists Scott Raulie and Jonathan Richerson. Together their music is something that blurs the lines of many different genres. In January they released their latest album titled “In the Key of David.”   Their first single off the album, “Happiness” was already introduced; and to great […]

/ 05 Dec 23

The Sounds of Seattle

  Seattle may have been known as the place for grunge during the 90s, but as a city known for transformation, it has more musically to offer the west coast and the world than many give it credit for. We get a few quotes from a few bands in the area on where to go […]

/ 27 Nov 23

The Frixion Invite You to Get ‘Starstruck’

  The Frixion are sonic movers and shakers, players and playmakers, so it should come as no surprise that their latest release gives fans exactly what they need at exactly the right time.   The Frixion are back with another banger in 2023   And they’re back in a bigger, better, faster, more slant that […]

/ 26 Nov 23

“BIBI” Continues to Create a Buzz

Psychological thriller and indie short film “Bibi” continues to create a buzz throughout the film festival circuit around the country.  The captivating film stars Elizabeth Paige, Judith Ann DiMinni, Tammy Blanchard, Rick Zahn and was written and directed by Christopher Beatty.   The film centers around Vivian Ashwood (Elizabeth Paige) a grieving woman experiencing mental anguish and emotional demons […]