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/ 04 Apr 24

SteveB and Never2Late Release “Love is Wise”

Yorkshire, UK guitarist and songwriter SteveB of the Blues and Rock band Never2Late proves just that: it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. As a successful orthopedic surgeon in England, he’d harbored a love of music since his childhood. After a trip with his wife to Glastonbury Festival, he came home with a renewed […]

/ 07 Dec 23

Exclusive Interview With Marilyn Cooke

  Writer and Director Marilyn Cooke is one of the most in demand indie directors based in Montreal.   Her witty, dark drama ‘” No Ghost in the Morgue” was considered for Best Action Short at last year’s 95th Oscars and she shows no sign of slowing down.   Marilyn has perfected the art of […]

/ 05 Dec 23

Producer Emma M. Cooke and Director Morgan Saelens Elaborate on “Creating Something That Resonates”

Producer Emma Cooke and Director Morgan Saelens bring their talents together in the Canadian film “There are Bees in the House, ” an intense psychological thriller that tackles heavy subjects like trauma and mental health.   Both Cooke and Saelens were committed to create something that would resonate with a larger audience and touch on […]

/ 25 Nov 23

Newcomer and French Actress Juliette Jouan Opens up on Her Promising Career

French actress Juliette Jouan may be new to the world of acting, but her role in “Scarlet” (her first acting role nonetheless) showcased her depth of emotion and true natural talent.    She’s since received international attention for her role in the film. Italian director Pietro Marcello handpicked Jouan for the role of a lifetime for […]

/ 24 Nov 23

Director Turan Haste’s Oscar Qualifying “The Moisture” Is a Cautionary Tale

Turkish director Turan Haste’s Oscar qualifying film is one everyone can relate to on some level. Although its premise is one that is fit for a feature, he manages to fit it into his latest short film. Being young and in school often leaves us with memories we can never forget. We take a trip […]