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Review - Hollywood Scout Report



/ 18 Dec 23

Oscar Qualifying Short: “Nisei”

  It is well known during world two, America was guilty of horrendous acts such as the displacement of Japanese Americans and placing them in Intermittent Camps.       Writer and director Darren Haruo Rae not only sheds new light on the oppression of the Japanese culture during that time period. Rae also delivers […]

/ 03 Dec 23

Oscar Qualifying Film Review: “Troy”

  Mike Donahue brings Jen Silverman’s brilliant screenplay to life in a subtle but gloriously humorous way.   “Troy” is a comedic rollercoaster of reality that explores the often-overlooked intricacies of being neighbors.   There is no dancing around the fact that the plot revolves around a noisy neighbor named Troy who has a tonne […]

/ 26 Nov 23

Film Review: “Every Day After”

This is an emotional piece that is presented in black and white in a fly-on-the-wall style with narration throughout by the main character Jessa.   In addition to the Black and White footage, we are given an unexpected and beautiful animated papercraft introduction that helps narrate the backstory. The visuals are a great touch.   […]

/ 26 Nov 23

Film Review: “Rotting in the Sun”

  Rotting in the Sun” is a semi-satirical film born out of a chance meeting in Mexico between Sebastián Silva and Jordan Firstman, each plays a spectacularly caricatured and flawed version of themself.   Silva wrote it alongside Pedro Peirano whom he wrote with while creating his 2009 success “The Maid”. Joining Silva in the […]

/ 25 Nov 23

Film Review: “Scarlet”

  Fans of ethereal storytelling and French cinema should give Pietro Marcello’s 2022 film “Scarlet” a watch if they haven’t already!     The film plot, adapted from Russian writer Alexander Grin’s novel “Scarlet Sails”, centers around the relationship between a father and daughter.   Marcello portrays postwar domestic life with vivid imagery and a […]