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The Culture of Chicago Comedy

Chicago is the undisputed comedy hub of the world, and the following venues are the perfect stops to get your laughs in.


Chicago has been a breeding ground for immense comedic talent for generations, one of the few cities in the world that offers a landscape that is diverse, versatile, and always searching for the next big thing.


From sketch comedy and improv and everything in between, every day of the week in ‘The Windy City’ offers spectators a night at potentially experiencing the next big thing.




There are a slew of underground, emerging, and up-and-coming acts vying to be the next big thing! Here, we introduce you to some of comedians and the places to check them out!



Every month is something new to witness, and the current show, Astrobitch, is hosted by Ameerah Sanders and must be seen to be believed. What Sanders can boast about is having the only show that blends astrology and standup into one crazy mix.

Color Club


Definitely a chameleon of the Chicago comedy club circuit, Color Club is in its own lane and has no intentions of driving any other way. The venue, located in Irving Park, offers a diverse array of events and experiments, including engaging art exhibitions, live music performances, and more. Check it out and have get your sign sealed and delivered! 



Second City 


No list of Chicago’s laugh circuit is complete without mentioned Second City, and it undeniably stands as the comedy epicenter of Chicago. A new generation of comedians are there vying to break through at the moment, and audiences are catching on to Chloe Mikala, who produces alongside Justin Walker the “My Best Friend is Black Show.”

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Arlieta Hall is another versatile stand-up comedian that is taking the city and the country by storm. Both are have been nurtured by the Second City Training Center – this longstanding institution has transformed the comedy scene not only within the city but internationally. And for comedy enthusiasts, Second City is an experience not to be missed!


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The Laugh factory

The Laugh Factory is an internationally known venue that now has locations around the country, although the heart and soul still beats in Chicago. This club schedules up-and-coming local comedians like Leeosha Sachet, Abi Sanchez, Daryn Robinson, and Correy Boyd-Bell for performances multiple nights a week, occasionally featuring touring headliners. Also a growing name in the city and beyond is Mike Atcherson, who is a part of a rotating roster of the city’s most beloved comedians. 



Chicago Has Your Style Of Comedy



Whether you’re in pursuit of the iconic comedy heritage of Second City, the fresh and inventive atmospheres found in newer, more indie venues, or the joyous evenings at well-established comedy hubs, Chicago’s comedy scene caters to a diverse range of tastes.


With its mix of legendary stages and emerging artists, the city consistently offers the ideal setting for humor and stands as a must-visit location for comedy enthusiasts of every stripe!








Triston Brewer

Triston Brewer

Triston Brewer is a journalist and digital bon vivant, a staunch supporter of the cultural underground renaissance on a mission to blur the lines of the traditional and leave an indelible, and ultimately unforgettable impression. He is currently working on the next book of his memoir series, currently available on Amazon and Kindle.