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Exclusive Interview with Actor and Model Derek Kendall - Hollywood Scout Report


Exclusive Interview with Actor and Model Derek Kendall

An artist staying busy: Derek Kendall's ambition and work ethic is evident on the stage, screen and runway.

A busy summer and fall, rising actor Derek Kendall found himself immersed in a range of diverse projects across multiple platforms. When you are working in New York Fashion, Theatre and Film there truly is no rest for the talented.




Boasting an exceptional range of talent and versatility, actor and model Derek Kendall has a captivating presence on the stage, screen and runway. 

Recently, he graced the Off-Broadway stage with a leading role in “Choices Before Us” as well as working and modeling at NYC fashion week.



As an in-demand actor on screen, he has a couple of films in the works such as “Zeke” and “Foster SIn” which will be released on Tubi TV. 

The Brooklyn native has been modeling for 8 years and in his 5th year of acting in New York. Motivated, ambitious and talented are just a couple of words to describe Kendall’s work ethic.

In the exclusive interview he spoke more on his work inspired by his roots and his promising career ahead of him.


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