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The Frixion Invite You to Get ‘Starstruck’ - Hollywood Scout Report


The Frixion Invite You to Get ‘Starstruck’

With an expanded line-up and fresh new music for 2023, The Frixion release their latest single ‘Starstruck Love’ on Analogue Trash.


The Frixion are sonic movers and shakers, players and playmakers, so it should come as no surprise that their latest release gives fans exactly what they need at exactly the right time.


The Frixion are back with another banger in 2023


And they’re back in a bigger, better, faster, more slant that is always the end game with this group. Their third release of 2023 – ‘Starstruck Love’ is pop at its most ethereal and edgy, a sliver of the genre that The Frixion has navigated since beginning as a duo in 2017.



Gene Serene has been a force in the electro-pop/clash scene since the aughts, collaborating with producers like Bill Borez and Barry Ashworth to craft a sound that has become synonymous with both her roots in London and her adopted hometown of Berlin.


A consummate artist, Serene honed her talents by crafting songs through collaborations with several noted artists, including Traumschmeire (Shit Katapault), S’Express (Kitsune), Chris Lake (Nervous), Sycophant Slags (End Recordings).


Starstruck Love by The Frixion | Soundplate Clicks | Smart Links for Music Marketing (


In support of these efforts, Gene traveled the world, leaving an indelible print at every stop. The cherry on the top as a soloist was the release of her album ‘The Polaris Experience’, which cemented her status as an artist of constant evolution.


As a producer and musician, Lloyd Price has leant his expertise to a diverse array of artists, including Stereo in Solo, Terminatryx, and as part of the dark electro ensemble, Massive Ego.

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In a sign of the times, Serene and Price met virtually after lamenting the passing of one of their favorite artists, Prince, and quickly began a collaborative effort that spawned their first single, ‘From Dusk ‘Til Dawn’.


 No Rest for the Wicked


Attempting to catch lightning in a bottle, The Frixion quickly barreled down and released a self-titled EP, complemented by a remix collection of the EP’s lead track, ‘If U Ever Wonder’.


Within this EP were four original compositions, along with a cover of Prince’s ‘Under the Cherry Moon’, Their self-published EPs garnered immense acclaim from radio stations worldwide, securing positions in the year-end charts of numerous radio stations and online blogs/websites.


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Recently, two became three with the addition of Porl Young, a DJ and producer based in London. Porl is renowned for his DJ residency at the legendary Heaven nightclub and his collaborations with artists such as Rosetta Stone, Nina Hagen, Wayne G, Sleazesisters, and others.


Death Becomes Her



“About the nature of love – one can pretend it doesn’t exist, walk away from it, even try to deny it forever – however pure love never wanes and the moment you’re confronted with that person again, it’s there – the emotion just as it always was like time travel.”

– Gene Serene on ‘Starstruck Love’



In this track best described as ethereal pop, The Frixion is back into the mix with beats primed for a dancefloor near you. The maxi single includes remixes from Aaron Hedges as well as a radio edit.

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Released by record label AnalogueTrash on September 15th ‘Starstruck Love’ is set to whet sonic appetites everywhere. In support of their latest release, fans of The Frixion can catch them on ‘The Starstruck Love Tour’, with stops in Manchester, Berlin, and Cardiff.

Triston Brewer

Triston Brewer

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