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The Sounds of Seattle

Often overlooked, the diverse sounds of rock, jazz and hip-hop continues to help Seattle remain a major music hub.

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Seattle may have been known as the place for grunge during the 90s, but as a city known for transformation, it has more musically to offer the west coast and the world than many give it credit for. We get a few quotes from a few bands in the area on where to go to hear the very best in alternative music should you stop by for some melodic salvation.


Slim’s Last Chance



Slim’s Last Chance boasts a charm that seamlessly combines the charms of classic Americana with a captivating roadhouse ambiance that has made it a popular staple on the Seattle scene for years. Previous bands that have graced their stage include The Donnas, Mudhoney, The Supersuckers, and Zeke, just to name a few.



During the summer months, Slim’s spacious backyard transforms into a lively outdoor stage where you can enjoy performances by folk, punk, and rock bands. Here, cheerful patrons relax at picnic tables, creating an eclectic and vibrant atmosphere that is not to be missed! Where else can you get the grandiose pomposity of Texas in Seattle?
That’s right.



Sunset Tavern




Sunset Tavern is a dive and live music venue that does the seemingly impossible by bringing the very best in indie bands from both coasts of the country. A feat even more impressive considering it brings premium entertainment for affordable prices.


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Where else can you see such a diverse lineup from the likes of The Purrs, Death Cab for Cutie, Band of Horses, and The Lumineers?

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Few and far between!


The former Chinese restaurant is centrally located and presents music across several genres and is noted for its welcoming staff and ambiance. If you’re in the mood for great local or national rock, pop, alternative, or blues acts, Sunset Tavern is worthy of your attention.





Darrell’s Tavern





Darrell’s Tavern is the local favorite hangout to experience live music on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and one visit and it’s easy to see why. Presenting music spanning diverse genres from jazz to rock to rap (think bands like The Teutonics, The Long Goodbyes), the dive bar has a full schedule on tap for the other days of the week too, including bring your own steak/burger BBQ nights, Taco Tuesdays, and trivia nights.



Nestled in North Seattle on 18th and Aurora, Darrell’s exudes a classic, out-of-the-way ambiance with carpets adorning the walls, vintage decor, and retro Jetsons-era lighting, providing the ideal setting for affordable drinks and entertainment. With pool tables and a lineup of live local bands and DJs, it’s the perfect casual watering hole.


For those in search of live music without the drive to downtown Seattle, Darrell’s Tavern offers cool local shows and complimentary parking, making it an outstanding dive bar within the greater Seattle area. It’s a beloved local establishment with a rich history that continues to draw patrons of all backgrounds through the years. Stop by and find out what all the fuss is about!


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Belltown Yacht Club


In 2018, Belltown Yacht Club was founded as an independent establishment, finding its home in the basement of the historic Barnes Building, situated right in the heart of Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. BYC, as it is affectionately called, is underground club that has had the privilege of hosting a diverse array of artists and musicians, including Eclectrick, Old Iron, Rat King, Bugs, Leah Senior, and more.



From indie acts and newcomers to Grammy Award winners and everything in between, true music fans can get a great dose of their favorites. Their stage has become a haven for independent touring acts, as well as a platform for the rich and ever-evolving music scene in Seattle, encompassing established and emerging talents.


BYC extends far beyond enjoying live music, and plays a crucial role in keeping the spirit of live music vibrant and thriving throughout the city.


Tractor Tavern



Situated conveniently on Ballard Ave, Tractor Tavern perfectly embodies the indie-twang style that has been increasingly resonating in the music scene. Here, you’ll find cowboy boots embellishing the ceiling to create an unmistakable Western ambiance throughout.


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This venue predominantly showcases local bands, much like its counterpart, the Sunset Tavern and acts like The Cave Singers, Say Hi, and The War on Drugs have come through and played their stage. Similar to the Sunset, the Tractor Tavern offers wonderfully budget-friendly shows that promise a riotously enjoyable time. To go here is to stay connected to the heart and soul of the Seattle music scene.

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