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The Visionary Behind the Camera: Lada Egorova

The Russian- French Filmmaker discusses her journey to the U.S., "preparation" and plans for the future.


The world of filmmaking continues to be enriched by the voices of emerging talents, and one of the most promising is Lada Egorova


Her work is a testament to the power of storytelling from a unique perspective. The Russian- French filmmaker is now based in Los Angeles and creating a buzz throughout the industry.



The Screenwriter and Director sat down for an exclusive video interview to speak more about her films and working in Hollywood.




“Art makes you pay attention to things you wouldn’t have time to notice too caught up in the strings of habits you’ve entangled yourself as you’re competing in the race of existence”


After accumulating a diverse and extensive body of work at a French film university in Paris and being an exchange student at The California State University, she stayed in L.A. where she is currently developing her own projects, helping other upcoming filmmakers to produce their films and expanding her photography skills by working with diverse artists.

A few of her awards for her film “After the Storm” include; Best Short Film December session by Film Chronicle in 2022 as well as Best Acting in a Drama, by Simply Indie Film earlier this year.


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